• Does Hanaya provide a friction hinge with different mounting configuration?
    Hanaya provides custom mounting configurations. Additional cost has to be considered for new tooling or modification to existing tooling.
  • Can you get assymetrical torque configuration?
    Yes most of our standard friction hinges have assymetrical torque. We also offer balance torque and other differential torque configurations.
  • Does Hanaya offer detent friciton hinges?
    Hanaya offers detent friciton hinges only in custom applications. Our standard hinges do not have detent but can be customize to include detent. Additional tooling cost has to be considered.
  • Can we add stops in Hanaya friction hinges?
    Yes, stops can be added in Hanaya friction hinges. Hanaya standard hinges do not have stops in it. It is only offered in semi custom to custom applications.
  • How long does Hanaya friction hinge last?
    Hanaya standard hinges are life cycle tested to 30,000 cycles. It is the equivalent of 10yrs of usage for a standard electronic device opening and closing 8 times a day. However, we have hinges in the field for more than 10yrs that are still in service.
  • Can you get 100,000 cycles on Hanaya’s friction hinges?
    There are instances where we exceeded 100,000 cycles. This is done under special design considerations in conjuction with propriety processes and greases to achieve it.
  • What is the operating temperature of Hanaya’s friction hinges?
    Hanaya standard friction hinges can operate in temperatures ranging from -30ºC to 100ºC. Life cycle testing are conducted in 20ºC to 30ºC room conditions. Life cycle may vary depending on extremity in environmental conditions.
  • Does Hanaya offer corrosion resistant hinges?
    Hanaya standard hinges are corrosion resistant to a certain extent. For more extreme conditions, we offer stainless steel, addtional plating and sealing options.