Custom Friction Hinges

Custom Friction Hinges

Hanaya Inc. also provide custom hinge solutions to match your exact requirements. Working closely with our customers, we help them understand how our friction hinge technology can be incorporated seamlessly into their applications. Our wrap-around band shaft technology and our state of the art processes have made Hanaya Inc.’s constant torque hinges the most reliable in the industry.
Our friction hinge technology features:

  • Smooth feel and consistent torque (+/-15% of nominal) over the life of the hinge.
  • All our friction hinges are tested to meet a minimum life of 30,000 cycles.
  • All our friction hinges have negligible spring back with no free play for that high quality feel.
  • Asymmetrical torque configuration for applications requiring less torque to move in one direction than the other.
  • Eliminate the need for secondary mechanical support to hold unit in place thereby reducing cost.
  • Multiple axis positioning possible with different design configurations.
  • Ability to perform in different environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, or salt spray.
  • Different materials and finishes available for cosmetics or corrosion requirements.
  • All our hinges are RoHS compliant.

At a time where cost is one of the keys to gain a competitive edge, our engineers can help you develop a design that meet your requirements at a very competitive price. We provide prototyping at a very low cost and most of the time our samples are free so don’t hesitate to call us. We are committed to provide the best quality service to our customers.

For more information about our friction hinge solutions, please contact us at

1-888-5-HINGES (1-888-544-6437) or 1-904-285-7575