Understanding the Friction Hinge 

It is a fact of life that you are likely to be oblivious of anything that has no direct impact on you or what you have not made enquiries about in any sphere of life. The Friction Hinge plays an important role in our homes, offices, appliances, devices, and several mechanical products and gadgets. Careers are built around the production of a various caliber of friction hinge; there are homes depending on it for daily livelihood, and others are involved in imparting the know-how needed to produce it for the good of mankind. 

The Friction Hinge in your Home 

The friction hinge is seen on the doors, refrigerators, wall units, cabinets and a host of other home appliances. They make it possible for our doors to open without falling off and to be shut without additional support. 

Imagine opening the refrigerator at home only to notice that the friction hinge is worn out. It means that the refrigerator is going to be ajar, left open and be unable to function optimally. Some models of the Friction Hinge are hardly visible, and you are not likely to see them unless you search them out. 

The Friction Hinge in the Aircraft 

Every aircraft is designed to hold several sizes and designs of the friction hinge for use on locker units, doors and other shutter points. An aircraft without doors will pose a risk to the craft, passengers and other items inside. The Friction Hinge makes it easy to have the doors shut and keep the internal air pressure within manageable and healthy limits. 

The unrestrained inflow of atmospheric wind and effects of that pressure is bound to cause a mishap of unimaginable proportions. Imagine the overhead shutters opening up and the stored luggage and bags falling off on the gangway and passengers. 

The Friction Hinge in Cars, Boats and Ships

The sophistication of each mechanical craft determines the type of friction Hinge that will be fitting to install. There are doors on every car and the torque required when it is opened and shut is different from that for a cabinet or wall section. Every Friction Hinge in cars is built to withstand the frequent opening and closing that takes place daily. 

Friction Hinge that is found on Ship is also built to stand the severity of use, and the pressure exerted. From the shutter locks to the cabin doors and engine encasement, the Friction Hinge comes in the shape, size and thickness that are proven as optimal for its functions. 

Every Friction Hinge is made from the finest materials that can stand the pressure and the requirements of devices that they are fitted on. 




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