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Hanaya, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of friction hinges used in many commercial and industrial applications, including electronics, medical, marine, automotive and home products. Our friction hinges have been engineered and tested to provide smooth consistent torque over life.

We have a standard line of friction hinges ranging in torque from 0 to over 100 in.lb (0 to over 11 N.m). In addition to our standard line of products, we also work with our customers to produce semi-custom or fully custom hinges solutions to fit their OEM applications. Hanaya, Inc. is dedicated to provide customers with recommendations and solutions at a cost effective price while not compromising quality and product performance.

Our manufacturing plant in Asia has produced friction hinges for HP, Dell, Sony and a wide variety of OEM customers around the world. With our team of engineers in the US and the manufacturing capabilities in Asia, Hanaya, Inc. is positioned to become the leader in the motion and friction hinge industry. We are committed to provide unique and unconditional services to all our customers.

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We’ll be happy to provide you with solutions to your application.

Friction Hinge Design From Hanaya
Friction hinges have traditionally been used in the computer industry for laptops, LCD displays, and electronic equipment that needs controlled positioning. However, there are newer markets where friction hinges can be used to replace for gas springs and regular frictionless hinges. It can be used in marine, automotive, aerospace, medical, or common devices that requires controlled motion. Hanaya Inc. intends to promote our line of constant torque friction hinges to the various industry leaders and help them understand how our hinges can improve the quality of their products while cutting cost.
Hanaya Inc. has accumulated over 10 years of experience in the manufacture and design of friction hinges. Working with a wide range of industries enable us to accumulate a wealth of expertise and experience. This allow us to quickly address requirements and challenges in motion mechanisms for a wide range of applications. Over the years, we have constantly experimented with various techniques and manufacturing processes. This allow us to develop a unique process that is propriety to Hanaya Inc. in the development of our friction hinges. In many cases, our friction hinges' life cycles exceed 35,000 and torque tolerance has been lowered to 10-15%. Our friction hinges torque ranges from 0 to over 100 in.lb (0 to over 11 N.m). Hanaya Inc.'s wrap-around spring technology allows for a more consistent and lasting torque. Our proprietary manufacturing process makes our friction hinges smoother with minimal spring back and no backlash.
Innovative Friction Hinge Solutions
At Hanaya Inc., we work closely with our customers from around the world to help them develop innovative solutions for their products. Our competitive pricing has given our customers a competitive edge over their competitors. Hanaya Inc. has a strong track record of quality and an extensive commitment to excellence. Please feel free to contact us regarding more information about our friction hinges.
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